Everyone entering the venue must hold a valid NHS Covid Pass or the EU Digital Covid Certificate, or LFT result no older than 48h. 
Below is how to obtain your NHS Pass - We suggest you add it to your device wallet if using a digital version. We will also require photo ID to validate your Pass
Please note that we will try our best to update this page, but will be following Gov Guidance at all times. 


Even if you are exempt from taking the vaccine you still provide a COVID PASS this can be done via taking a LFT. If you do not wish to take the vaccine you must also follow this process. 

NHS SITE Get a negative lateral flow test (LFT) or polymerase chain reaction test at a testing site. The result will be reported automatically. 


HOME TESTING You can complete a test at home and use the NHS Service to report the result. IT WILL TAKE UP TO 2 HOURS FOR YOUR PASS TO BE UPDATED

Report your result on the NHS Site HERE

Passes for testing are valid for 48h 


You can get an NHS Covid Pass 2 weeks after you have completed a full course of vaccine. It can take up to 5 days of your vaccination record to update. 

Natural Immunity 

If you previously tested positive for COVID-19 using a PCR Test, and its been 10 days since your positive result, you are eligible for an NHS COVID Pass that lasts up to 180 days from the test date. Contact your GP or 119


Even if you are exempt from taking the vaccination you still provide a COVID PASS this can be done via taking a LFT

If you have taken part in a COVID-19 Vaccine trail , you are eligible for the NHS Covid Pass. Your clinical trail site can provide more information on how to obtain one.

Please note that all Covid-19 Passes will require you to refresh / update them from time to time.